My New Website


1. 为对我的艺术感兴趣的人提供一个参考指引

2. 回答大家提出的关于我的问题

3. 有些人不用微博也可以通过访问本网站了解我的动态

4. 教给感兴趣的朋友如何喷自行车以及创作


I have started working on this website. I am using wordpress to create it, and it is quite fun. The purpose of this website is:

1. To be a reference guide for people who are interested in my work.

2. To help answer questions people have about me.

3. For people who do not use weibo, but want to know what I am doing.

4. To teach people who are interested, my methods of painting bikes/ creating art.

I hope this website is helpful.

Whats New

Currently I have been working on this website, and creating some new stencils for painting on walls. I finally received residence in Nanjing for a full year and I am committed to creating some fun and interesting art for the city.